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Despite the huge announcement of this cloud computing development platform, the blogoshpere has been relatively quiet.  Now we’ve had a little time to reflect, what does Windows Azure really mean for cloud computing?  What will it mean for the future of web and software development, as well as the future of computing? If you are so inclined, you can read a lot of glossy bumf in the Windows Azure factsheet which doesn’t really tell you a great deal.  One key message to take from it, however, is this one: Windows Azure is an open platform that will support both Microsoft and non-Microsoft languages and environments. It will certainly be easier for software developers to make cloud-based applications.  Not only that, but there will finally be some kind of universal standard for the development of all things web-based. This is exactly what we were discussing a few week... (more)

Do You Trust Google More Than You Trust Your Wife?

The latest Twitter controversy surrounding the blog, the hacker and the cloud vendor isn’t disturbing – just inevitable. By now anybody with an iota of interest in cloud computing will know what this story is about. Many people are probably damning Google for their ” lack of security.” But hang on here. Aren’t people being quite cavalier with their data? The other day I refused to give my own partner my PIN… but as I write, it’s happily stored somewhere as a draft on GMail. That really doesn’t make sense. Hell, I trust the cloud more than I trust myself Who’s really to blame? I do... (more)

Web Services – A Handout

Welcome to Web Services! To join a new trend of marketing code, which can not only organizations but also workers and savvy developers, chalices developed code used to exchange various data applications and services them benefits. What Web Service A unit of managed code that can be accessed remotely via HTTP. As a code developed the concept allows you to negotiate your features developed on the existing network code. The concept describes a standardized method of integrating a web-based application that uses the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open on a backbone Internet protocol standa... (more)

Advertising Agency for Your Small Firm

An advertising agency is probably the best friend that you can have if you happen to have a venture on the internet. Audience view ability is one criterion that happens to plague most people who are selling services online. While the value of your Internet real estate continues to soar, people need to understand that it is not always a profitable encounter. You require a certain set of skilled professionals to get the job done. My online printing service was one that was affected the most. We decided to take the whole firm online and bought domains and servers in a hope that it w... (more)

What are the steps for finding the best SEO companies?

Planning to start up a new business? One important thing to understand here is that search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing is an integral part of marketing your website. This will help you get more and more people reach your website. But do you know the problem behind it? Finding the best SEO companies?-2. Especially if you are in a location like Toronto, Canada, you will need to find the best SEO Canada or the best SEO agency in Canada. Tips to find the best SEO firm During the process of finding the best SEO companies in Canada, the following tips will co... (more)